Brian “BAM” McClendon is an accomplished engineer and successful startup founder, who grew up in Kansas and attended Kansas public schools from grade school through college.

Brian went on to co-found the startup that became Google Earth. As VP of Google he led the teams that built Google Earth, Google Maps, Local Search, Streetview, and more - tools used by billions of people worldwide. He's built small startup companies and led teams of over 2,000 professionals.

Brian helped found a non-partisan, non-profit organization focused on voter engagement and led the development of, a non-partisan online voter registration tool that has already allowed over 6000 Kansas citizens to register to vote in under five minutes on a mobile device using the federal form. As a result, and despite Kobach’s voter suppression efforts, Kansas is currently one of the most efficient and accessible states in the nation for voter registration.

Brian's running for Kansas Secretary of State - the position currently held by Kris Kobach. Kobach led national efforts to restrict voting rights and Brian’s opponent led passage of legislation in Kansas to restrict voting rights and empower Kobach.

Brian has the skills, experience, and vision to bring that office in line with the priorities and needs of Kansans, to lead it into the 21st century from elections and data security to business support, and to make the it more accessible and responsive to Kansans.

You can find out more at his website: